There are a couple of options. If you have a Talent Pool as part of your subscription, you can simply invite the teacher to your Talent Pool. If you don't, the teacher will need to join the Teacher Booker pool and be vetted by us. In this case, do the following:

  • If the teacher is not already registered with Teacher Booker then get them to register here. Notify us of their name and we can move their registration quickly through the process. We'll handle all vetting.

  • Once vetting is complete, we'll let you know. Log in, define your job criteria and the teacher will appear in amongst your search results. 

  • Select the teacher from the results and post the job to them in the normal way. 

  • Lastly, you can 'favourite' that teacher so they always show at the top of the teacher results list when you post a job that matches their skill set.

Schools find that engaging teachers they already know through Teacher Booker is far cheaper and easier than other employment arrangements. Get in touch and we'll walk you through it!

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