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We don't have an exclusivity clause so you can be with as many agencies as you wish. We're good like that! But after using Teacher Booker, we think you’ll decide to work through us!

If you've been working through an agency long-term, it's important to know what the terms of the placement are as well as the margins and fees are being deducted from your pay, as long-term agency placements can severely limit your earning potential and career mobility.

We can help you understand your current arrangement (often terms are quite obfuscated and complex), and potentially help you to earn more while the school pays less for the exact same arrangement as you have via the agency. We have helped teachers earn up to 30% more whilst staying in the exact same job.  Get in touch with us at with the details of your placement, including the start date, agency name, and role type and we'll be in touch.

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