Supply Jobs

When you receive a supply cover job notification open the link in your email or text message, log in and you'll see the job card. 

From the job card, you can view directions and travel time to the school at the tap of a button, using our Google Maps integration. 

To apply or decline the invitation, you must then view the details of the job. The Apply/Decline option is presented once you've clicked 'View Details'.

The school will receive and review applications, and will receive your contact details. If they decide to offer you the job, you will receive another email and text saying so. You'll then need to log in and Accept the offer.

***By accepting a job offer, you are entering into a contract with the school.***

And that's it! If you've been successfully booked, make sure you arrive on time and bring your DBS and ID.

When do jobs get posted?

Schools can post a job at any time of day or night, but most jobs get booked in advance. This means the day before, a week before, sometimes even a few weeks before.

If you're invited, you'll be notified by email and text as soon as the job is posted. We don't make individual phone calls in the morning. Instead, all the jobs you have been invited to are visible, in real time, on your dashboard.

Permanent Jobs

If you receive an invitation to apply for a Permanent or Fixed Term job, you'll receive an email and text message. Open the link it contains, log in to the Teacher Booker app and you'll be taken to your dashboard.

Click the 'Permanent Jobs' tab from your menu and you'll see the job displayed like the below (on mobile). Click 'View & Apply' to review the full Job Description, and if you like the look of the opportunity click 'Apply'. The school will be notified and your Profile, CV, Education & Employment History and contact details made available to them.


Once a job has been accepted, it is imperative that you get to the school on time. Cancelling a booking once you have agreed to a job is permitted only in extreme circumstances of ill health, bereavement etc. If you need to cancel, you must get in touch with the school using the contact details they have provided on the job description and let them know that you are unable to fulfil the role. This allows them to plan alternative cover provision. 

Furthermore, you will need to have a debrief conversation with one of the Teacher Booker team to ascertain the reasons for cancellation. Teacher Booker will then decide how to proceed, and may consider suspending your account. One of the values we require from teachers using the app is reliability and this procedure helps us ensure this. Please refer to the terms and conditions of use for more information.

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