How To Create A Successful Profile Page
Written by Karen Beynon
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When a school is looking for potential staff for supply cover, the first thing they will see is your profile page. Your profile page could be the difference between being invited and not invited to jobs.

On first view, schools will see:

  • Your profile picture

  • Your years experience

  • Your level of experience

  • Your personal summary

This page is your chance to make a good first impression and ensure you get invited to jobs.

Profile Picture

Choose a photo that best fits you as a professional.This should be a different photo to the one you would use on social media platforms.

An example of a suitable photo and an unsuitable photo.

Your preferred transport method & travel time

Ensure you enter the maximum number of minutes you are willing to travel to a school. This will match you with jobs that meet this criteria so you’ll never be invited to jobs that are outside of your maximum travel time.

Your experience

Enter the number of years you have been working in your approved role. Also enter your level of experience i.e. position on the pay scale.

Personal Summary

A personal summary is like a snapshot of your personal statement in your CV and allows you to:

  • promote your teaching ethos/philosophy,

  • promote the key skills you can offer

  • describe the kind of person you are ie interests, hobbies

An example of a personal summary

As a friendly, flexible and adaptable practitioner, I firmly believe children learn most effectively when work is child centred and differentiated to suit their individual needs. In the classroom, I provide the opportunity of a varied curriculum with a balance between practical and academic activities, which will enhance the children’s enquiring minds and help them gain confidence in their own ability. I aim to teach in a variety of styles using different approaches, methods and sources that help to motivate and inspire the best possible learning. I utilise whole class teaching, group and individual work, depending on the needs of the pupils. I seek to present a stimulating, attractive and safe environment in which all children are presented with positive images of themselves and their culture. I promote positive reinforcement of good behaviour and ensure the children work collaboratively on devising a class code of conduct.

I enjoy listening to a wide range of music and can teach recorder lessons. I like walking in my spare time and use it as a means of spending quality time with friends and family.

Other things to check on your profile to ensure you are ready for work:

  • Make sure your bank details are all correct and up to date.

  • Keep checking and updating your CV.
    It is good practice to ensure your CV is up to date. It might have been sometime since you last uploaded your CV and you may have acquired more employment history and skills since then.

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