'My Profile' is where all your information and preferences are stored. This is editable by you and it should be kept up to date. 

The information that is visible to schools is: Your profile picture, the year groups and subjects you teach, your qualification, SEN skills, personal summary, years of experience and your town/city.  Click 'Preview Profile' to see what your profile will look like to schools once it's set live.

Don't forget to click 'Save' on each section!

It's best to complete your profile as fully as you can. See below for guidance on each section.


  • Name

  • Mobile number - for receiving job alerts via texts

  • Date of birth 

  • Qualification Status - QTS, NQT, Cover Supervisor, Teaching Assistant etc.

  • Years of experience

  • Day Rate - you set your own minimum rate

If you're a qualified teacher, you will also see an option to be invited for Cover Supervisor/Teaching assistant roles like this:
I would like to be invited to jobs for - Cover supervisors / Teaching assistants

  • Preferred transport method - Public transport, cycle, car, motorcycle, walk (only one may be selected - although you can change it at any time)

  • Maximum travel time

  • Teacher Reference Number

  • Type of DBS certificate - paper, paper & update service

  • DBS number

  • NI number

  • Preferred contract length - short (1-4 days), med (1-6 weeks), long (more than 6 weeks) and Permanent work

  • Personal summary - very important in order to sell yourself!

Please keep this up to date - you will be made available for jobs that are within your preferred travel time from your postcode.

Year Groups:
Select the year groups you are qualified to teach.

Select 'General Cover' for all round teaching roles and add your subject specialities.

Special Needs:
Here you can select SEN training/experience you may have undertaken. You can check the box of 'Experience' or 'Comfortable' depending on your skills.

Bank Account:
This will be used to make payment to you.

Employment History
Here your previous employment history can be input for schools to get a sense of your work history. This is surfaced to schools looking for longer term and permanent roles.

Education History
Here your previous education history can be added for schools to get a sense of any qualifications, training or formal certification you have received from accredited institutions.

All information is securely stored. Please ensure your password is not shared with anyone.  

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