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Teacher Booker allows secure document storage as part of our Compliance module. Any document that you upload is only accessible to the administrators of your pool.

To navigate to your 'Vetting' page, select Vetting from your sidebar. If you are a member of multiple pools you will have the option of which pool to navigate to.

You have spaces available to upload documents for the following compliance areas:

  • CV

  • DBS/PVG certificate

  • Qualifications and certificates

  • Right to work

  • Proof of address

  • Photo ID

  • Referee details

To add a document simply click 'Upload' next to the correct section, then select the file from your computer and open, then click 'Upload'. You will then see a confirmation that your document has been uploaded successfully.

Once you have uploaded a document, you will see the amount of files you have uploaded at the bottom of the relevant section. Your organisation will then review those documents and you may see the following statuses:

  • Received & accepted

  • Rejected - feedback will be highlighted in red to tell you what action is required.

Once a document is marked 'Received & accepted' it is no longer possible to upload any additional documents to that section.

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