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For schools: how to post a job, receive applications, make an offer and receive confirmation that a teacher has been booked

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***Please note that assigning a teacher to a job is a two step process. The first step is to send an invitation to teachers to Apply for your role, and the second is to make the applicant an Offer, which they then need to Accept.

A teacher is not booked until they have Accepted an Offer. When they do, you'll receive a notification confirming this and the job will display clearly on your dashboard as 'Teacher Booked'.***

First, head to 'Post a Supply Job' from the left hand menu.

Then set your criteria including the Position you are hiring for, start and end dates (use 'Dates to Be Determined' if the start and end dates are flexible), shift pattern and subject.

***If you are booking a Primary Supply Teacher, select 'Primary Class Teacher' as the Subject.***

Add in any Additional Learning Needs experience you require, and select 'Search For Teachers'.

You can now either invite all your matches, or to select individual teachers, click the orange 'Select Manually' option:

If you choose to Select Manually you can use the search bar to find individual teacher(s) you may wish to invite.

Once you have selected your invitees, click the green 'Go to Job Preview' button at the bottom of the screen. You will be taken to the Job Preview page where you need to add a few more details about your job including an internal reference, cover reason, job expiration date/time (the point at which the job will stop accepting applications), instructions for where and who to report to, and a job description.

Send invitations

Finally press 'Send Invitations' at the bottom of the screen to post your job to your candidates. They will receive an email and text message notifying them of the job and with a link so they can log in and Apply for it or Decline it.

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