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How Teacher Booker calculates Paid Hours - City of Edinburgh Supply Pool
How Teacher Booker calculates Paid Hours - City of Edinburgh Supply Pool

Details of how the Paid Hours have been calculated on the system and which uplifts are applied for payroll

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***This article only applies to City of Edinburgh Supply Pool***


The paid hours which are surfaced on your Timesheet are the Pupil Contact Hours which add to 25 hours per week (primary) or 27.5 hours per week (secondary).

For a Full Day shift, a 15 minute morning unpaid break and a 45 minute unpaid lunch break have been deducted.

For a AM shift, a 15 minute morning unpaid break has been deducted.

This gives the total paid hours shown on the Timesheets. There are then the following calculations which are made automatically once the Report is generated for payroll

Early Years Settings

For Nursery's and Early Years Settings the paid hours are either 8 hours or 7.7 hours per day. This includes deduction of a 30 minute unpaid lunch break.

Non-teaching staff

Please submit the paid hours for non-teaching staff, deducting any non-paid breaks. No amendments will be made to the hours that you submit before they are sent to payroll. For non-teaching staff in a school setting, please note that your schools default paid hours would include an hours deduction in unpaid break (15 minute morning and 45 minute lunch break) so you will likely need to amend your default paid hours.


Teaching staff receive the below multipliers to their contact time. These calculations are made separately to the timesheets, so the paid hours should not include these calculations.

2 days or less = Paid hours x 1.10

3 days or more = Paid hours x 1.27 (secondary) or 1.4 (primary)

3 days or more and Includes non-contact time box is not selected = Paid hours x 1.556

For example, if you worked 3 days in a secondary school with Non Class Contact Time taken, your paid hours on your timesheet may state 5.92. This would then be multiplied by 1.27 to send 7.52 hours to payroll.

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