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How to complete a background check on Teacher Booker

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Once you have created a document it is then time to map which document you are using to perform which background check.

In order to do this, navigate to 'Background Checks' then simply click on the check you are conducting. Select the document from the 'Evidence Seen' dropdown, compare the data seen in the document against the data provided on the Teacher Profile and save. This will create a timestamped check with an audit log of who completed the check. Finally update the status in the top right corner, selecting one of the following

  • In Progress

  • Not Applicable

  • Checked

Once the background check has been 'Checked' the date of the check will surface in the workers 'Single Central Record' against the relevant background check required as defined by Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance.

To complete another background check, or to approve the account for supply simply click 'Back to Checks'.

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