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Pause my job offers

How to temporarily pause your job offers in just a few clicks

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We understand that there may be some changes to your circumstances which means that you are no longer available for supply work for a period of time. Using the 'Pause my job offers' function gives you the ability to stop appearing in job searches and receiving alerts during extended periods that you aren't available to work without deleting your account.

If pausing your availability, you'll be asked to give a reason as to why you're not available. This helps your Supply Pool service provider to monitor availability across the platform and improve their service to you. Once you have paused, you will not appear in any searches made on the system whilst you are still paused.

To unpause your job offers, simply click ‘Resume my job offers’ which will then allow you to appear in subsequent job searches.

Please note that you will not be automatically invited to historically posted jobs unless the school repeats their search after you have unpaused. As a result, we would recommend unpausing a few weeks in advance of when you are ready to resume working.

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