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Let us know if you're not available for work in a couple of clicks

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Simply log in and click 'Availability' in the left hand menu. You'll see a calendar. Here you are able to mark yourself as unavailable for the whole or part of a day, click and drag for multiple days of unavailability or pause your availability without setting dates by clicking the red button at the top of the screen.

Marking yourself as unavailable for the whole of a day.

Simply click on the day and then click confirm in the pop up window

Marking yourself as unavailable for part of a day

After clicking on the day you require, click on the ‘Select hour range’ checkbox in the pop up window. This will now give you the ability to enter the start and end time of your unavailability to the minute. If this is a repeated pattern of unavailability, simply tick ‘Repeat event’ and enter the final date of your unavailability.

By marking yourself as unavailable on any given day or time will mean that you will not appear in search results for, and therefore cannot be invited to, any job that includes the time that you are unavailable.

Please note a school can choose to send out a job with the dates to be determined. If this is the case and you fit the criteria you will be invited to the job even if you've marked yourself as unavailable. This is to ensure teachers get invited to jobs that otherwise may not have fit into their availability and the dates can be discussed at a later date.

Removing previous unavailability

If you wish to delete an unavailability event which you have previously created, simply click on the red block (click and hold if on a mobile device) and then either Edit if you wish to change part of the unavailability event or Remove if you wish to remove it entirely.

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