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How to view your Supply Pool in one easy glance

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The CRM view gives an oversight of all the workers and their key information that are assigned to your Supply Pool.

Navigate to the 'CRM' from the side menu.

You will see all of your workers with a dedicated row each, with the following columns

  • Name and contact details - Name, email and mobile number

  • Availability - Graphical representation of their availability for the next 2 weeks. If a worker has paused their availability you are notified.

  • Address

  • Subjects - Subjects that the worker has selected. Approved subjects are indicated by a green tick

  • Year Groups

  • Special Needs specialisms

  • Years of experience

  • Roles - Role that the worker has selected. Approved positions are indicated by a green tick

  • Sign up date

  • Qualification

  • Position - Whether the worker is looking for supply and/or permanent jobs

  • Day rate - The minimum day rate the worker has indicated in their profile

  • Pools - Any pools that the worker is registered with which you have the permission to manage. Pools that the worker is approved in are indicated by a green tick.

You can apply filters to only return workers with certain attributes, simply click 'Add Filter' then select the required field. You can combine filters with the use of the 'And/Or' selector.

To view a workers profile, simply click on their name or view their availability calendar by clicking on the blue text in the Availability column.

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