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Approve for Supply

How to approve workers for supply in your Supply Pool

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Workers that are added to your Supply Pool require approval before they begin to appear in supply job searches, however approving your teachers is easy with one flick of a switch, which is found in the teachers profile.

Navigate to 'Talent Pool' found in the side menu, then 'View' the teacher you wish to approve and simply toggle the switch for approval. You will see a confirmation message which you will need to 'Confirm'.

Once you have approved a teacher, our system will calculate commute times between each school and each teacher in your pool based on postcodes and the teachers preferred travel times. This ensures you will get the best possible matches for each job you post.

The travel calculations will vary in the time they take to complete depending on a few factors, how many teachers are being approved and how many schools they need to be matched with. Whilst the travel calculations are running you can continue to use the platform in exactly the same way.

We recommend approving your teachers well in advance of when you will be needing them this will reduce any teachers not being invited for their dream role.

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