Approving Timesheets
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For every job on Teacher Booker, a timesheet is created. This timesheet sums all of the days worked in a week and requires an authorised member of staff from the school to 'Approve the Timesheet'.

***Please note: If your job was posted as 'Dates to be Determined' you will need to add timesheets for the relevant dates - see how to add timesheets****

You can navigate to timesheets in 3 different ways

  • Select 'Timesheets' from the side menu then navigate to the week that you require

  • Search by 'Job reference' or 'Timesheet reference' found in Supply Dashboard

  • Navigating to ‘Job Details’ page after a job has been fully booked.

Each timesheet can be edited on a daily, AM/PM and hourly basis. You can add extra days to that weeks timesheet and you can mark a sick day for when a worker was absent or you can delete a day from the timesheet entirely.

When the timesheet is accurate for the week which has just been completed, you now will need to ‘Approve Timesheet’ to confirm the information is correct.

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