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Reviewing candidates and making Offers

The final steps to complete a supply job booking.

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When a candidate applies you will receive an email. Log in and click on the job and you'll be able to see who has applied and review their profile.

When you click 'Review Candidate/Offer Job' you will see the Applicant Tracking feature, the candidate's contact details and the 'Offer' button.

***Ensure that Offers are made in good time before the start date/time of your job if it has a defined start date/time. If the start date/time passes before an Offer is Accepted by a teacher the job will expire.***

Changing the Applicant Tracking status will change the 'Applied' label on the previous screen -- for example to 'Phone Screened' as below. This makes it easy to collaboratively screen candidates before making a job offer, however this is optional and you are not required to use this feature if you do not wish to.

When you are ready to make an Offer, click 'Offer'. This will send an email and SMS text message to the teacher saying that they need to Accept the Offer in order to be booked in. You can send out more than one Offer -- if you do, the first teacher to respond will be booked. Once a teacher is booked no other teachers can accept offers or apply for the role.

Once the teacher accepts the offer, you will receive a notification via email. The status bar at the top of the job will turn green and display 'Teacher Booked'.

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