Supply Dashboard

Quickly view all jobs booked by your workplace on Teacher Booker

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The Supply Dashboard gives you an overview of all of the supply jobs which have been posted by schools which you have been given the permission to manage.

By default, the dashboard will show you all Open and Recent jobs for the current school year, for all the schools that you are assigned to manage on Teacher Booker. You can change the following filters.

  • School Year

    • Previous Year

    • Current Year

    • Next Year

  • School

  • Status

    • Open and Recent

    • Action Required

    • Booked

    • Offline

    • Archived and Expired

    • All

You can also search for a specific job by inputting its unique Job reference number in the search field.

To view further details about the particular job or to take action on a job, press ‘View Details’.

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