Offline workers

Create, record a job and send email notifications

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Create an offline worker:

Start by using the 'Create' button to add the details in the mandatory fields. Additionally add other information if available - subjects, phone number, NI number, TRN/ GTC/ SSSC numbers, DBS number, contract type and employee number.

Once you have created the offline worker you can now 'Record job' for that person.

Simply select 'Record job' and the pop out will appear with the options you need to populate. All mandatory fields are identified with an asterisk *.

As you can see from the screen shot above you can also send notifications to 1. the worker 2. users in the system 3. additional users not in the system using the comma separated text area. These are not pre-selected so please be sure to check the box if you would like to send email notifications.

Sending email notifications to an offline worker and indeed other stakeholders such as headteachers or other users in the system just got easier!

What the emails look like:

An example email to the worker -

An example email to other users -

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