How to add Payroll Status (Offline workers)
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Schools using Offline workers can use the payroll status to identify actions that need to be taken internally. Follow these steps to add payroll statuses to the system:

Adding payroll status to a supply job -

Create a Supply job using the ‘Request’ job type. This will send a notification email to the appropriate person to approve the job.

When the approver actions this they will have the option to choose ‘Offline work’ from the dropdown menu.

You will then be prompted to choose from the payroll status options which will show on the job.

Fill out the rest of the dropdown options and select approve.

You will now see the payroll status on the job.

You can also make changes to the payroll status using the right hand menu.

Adding payroll status to an Offline worker -

Select ‘Offline worker’ from the menu on the left side.

Choose or create an offline worker to record a job against.

Select ‘Record a job’ from the right hand menu.

You will have the option to choose the payroll status for this worker.

Fill out the rest of the information required and select ‘Record job’.

This will open the record job template, fill out the required information and select ‘Record job’ again. And that's it, yay!

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