In Inverclyde, schools post jobs out to supply teachers directly. Supply teachers receive an email and text message inviting them to Apply for each role they are invited to, and when they do it is the Council Admin who will Offer the job to an applicant.

From your dashboard you will see the list of Open Jobs and the number of applicants for each job:

To view the Applicants for each job and make an Offer, click 'View Details'. The applicants and invitees will appear in a list as shown below.

Click the blue 'Review Candidate' button next to the relevant candidate in order to see more of the teacher's Profile and make an Offer. You can also update the candidate's status in the Applicant Tracking section if a longer screening process (e.g. an interview) is needed for the role:

When you click 'Offer', the teacher will receive an email and text informing them of the Offer. The email/text will also contain a link so the teacher can log back into the app and Accept the Offer. The Offer must be Accepted for the teacher to be booked, and multiple Offers can be sent at one time. If more than one Offer is sent, the first teacher to Accept will be booked and the job will no longer be available for other teachers.

When a teacher is booked, the school is notified by email/text and the job displays like this:

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