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Applying for a Supply Job

For supply teachers and support staff: what to do when you receive a job invitation

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When you receive a job invitation via text or email you will be prompted to log in and respond to the invitation. When you log in you will find the job invitation under the 'Invited Jobs' section of your dashboard.

Please note that being assigned a job is a two step process -- first you will receive an invitation to Apply, and then if you are selected you will receive an Offer. Where a job has a defined start date and time you must respond to Job Offers BEFORE the start date and time or else the job will expire.
โ€‹You are not booked until you have Accepted an Offer and this is displayed clearly on your dashboard as 'You Have Been Booked'.

Use the buttons at the top of your screen to navigate between the sections of your dashboard:

The job will appear in your invited jobs list as below. Click on 'Get Directions' to open up Google Maps and see the route to the school. To respond to the invitation, click 'View Details'.

When you click 'View Details' you will see the full details about the job and your options to Apply for or Decline the invitation:

When you Apply the job status bar will change to orange and a pop-up will confirm receipt of your application:

If the school chooses to Offer you the job, you will receive a notification via email stating this and prompting you to log in and Accept or Decline the Offer. When you log in, click View Details on the job again and you'll see the status has changed to 'You have been offered the job' and the buttons are now 'Accept' or 'Decline'. You must Accept the Offer to be booked in, and for jobs with a defined start date/time this must happen before the start date/time or else the job will expire and you will not be booked.

If you choose to Accept the Offer you will be asked to Confirm your choice:

Please note that others may have been offered the job and you are not booked until you see the 'You have been booked' status at the top of the job card:

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