When you register with Teacher Booker either for direct supply work or as part of a MAT/LA Talent Pool you'll need to enter your Job Type Preferences as part of set up. The options are 'Supply Work' or 'Permanent Work'.

Once you're fully logged in, you'll find these options in your Profile, as shown below.

You can toggle these Preferences on and off as your circumstances or career goals change.

There is a double approval mechanism for each Job Type -- one is your Preference in your profile, and one is for Teacher Booker to approve you for that type of work. You must be both approved for the type of work by Teacher Booker and have the type of work selected in your profile to appear in job results and be invited to jobs of that type.

For example, when your CV is approved, we approve you for Permanent Work opportunities straight away and you'll begin receiving matching invitations if this Preference is selected in your Profile. You will not receive these invitations if you don't have 'Permanent Work' selected as a Preference in your profile.

So if you don't have Permanent Work selected because when you signed up you only wanted supply work -- but now you'd consider a Permanent position, all you have to do is log in and select 'Permanent Work' from your Profile.

The same applies for Job roles -- teachers who want to be considered for TA, Cover Supervisor or Exam Invigilation roles can simply add these at the bottom of their Profile.

You can also manage your Availability. See here for more.

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