During this time we are here to support, advise and assist in any way we can -- so if you have concerns we may be able to help with please do reach out to us.

What do I do if I think I may have been at a school with a confirmed case of Coronavirus?

Please visit the NHS website or call 111 for the most up to date official advice on how you should proceed.

I am worried about paying my bills and need financial assistance, what can I do?

We are constantly monitoring the Government’s guidelines and the support channels they are putting in place. In the first instance we can direct you to the Universal Credit application process and we encourage you to monitor news outlets for updates on any specific provision for educational supply staff. 

Home learning

We’re here to support schools, parents, teachers and learners in any way we can during this disruption — so if you know a school which needs help with remote teaching provision, or perhaps know parents in your own network who would like to enrol their children in a temporary online tutoring arrangement, please contact hello@teacherbooker.com

We are set up to provide the technology, employment infrastructure and support for such arrangements instantly and will be doing so free of charge during school closures. If we can help your network in any way -- for example if you know parents who need assistance with home learning, let us know and we can quickly facilitate online tutoring sessions securely and safely.

Staying in touch

We want to stay positive and help you prepare for when schools return as much as possible. In that vein, we will be using this time to get in touch directly, find out your availability, work on your Teacher Booker profile, ensure documentation is up-to-date and match you with opportunities as they come up. Schools will still be in recruitment and planning mode over the coming weeks and months as they look forward to September and prepare for ongoing disruption in the event that they are able to re-open during the summer term.

We will update this page when we have new information to share. Our staff are working remotely and are available to contact at any time.

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