There are 5 stages to posting a permanent job, these are displayed at the top the page: 

1 - Set your matching Criteria
2 - Additional details
3 - Preview and publish
4 - Review candidates
5 - Close job applications

Set your matching Criteria 

The first page is very straight forward, Start with a title for your job ad, then set the details of the role your looking to fill. 

Additional details

The first thing you will see is how many candidates have matched with your requirements and will receive the job ad. You can also add a deadline for the job to expire. Now simply add (copy and paste) your job description, add any attachments and save.  Your Job will be saved as a draft and can be found on your 'Permanent Dashboard'.  

Preview and publish

Review the job ad and when you're ready, just click publish.  It will instantly be sent to the candidates who match this role.  Additionally, every new candidate that joins the platform, and meets your requirements, will instantly be sent your job ad.

Review candidates

You will be notified when candidates apply. Notifications can also be sent to other Users within your organisation. Your Permanent Dashboard will display an overview of the status, now click the job overview and to see who has applied and download CVs.

Close job applications

One of the benefits of posting a permanent or fixed term job with Teacher Booker is the freedom to keep your post active until you decide your requirement has been met.  Essentially, there is no time restriction for your ad.  When your ready to close your job ad, click 'CLOSE THIS JOB'.

If you would like to post a job today, login or register here to get started.

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