Here you will see a full overview of all jobs ever posted.  There are two sections, 'Open Jobs' and 'In Progress / Recently Completed'.

‘Open Jobs’

These appear at the top of the page and show you jobs that are live and waiting to be filled.  You can see an overview of each job displayed row by row.  The ‘Status’ column displays the number of candidates invited and how many that have applied.

Click anywhere on a job row to go to the ‘Job Details’ page for more information.

‘Job Details’ Page
Here you will see the full list of invited applicants, ordered by:

  • Applied 

  • Awaiting Response

  • Declined

By clicking on an applicant you can see their full profile and download their CV for you to review.

‘In Progress / Recently Completed’

Here you will see jobs that are either:

  • In progress

  • Completed jobs

  • Expired job posts 

  • Cancelled job posts

They are ordered by the job start date, from furthest in the future to oldest.

The ‘Status’ column here will let you know for each job, the required action and by whom.  Such as:

  • Payment complete

  • In progress

  • Cancelled

  • Timesheet requested

By clicking on clicking on a job, you will be able to view a list of all timesheets associated with that job.  See here for timesheets.


Scrolling down to the bottom of the page you will see your Notification setting for that job.  Here you can select from your ‘Users’ who you would like to be notified when there is an update regarding the job.

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