This article is for staff who have signed up through Teacher Booker directly, not via an organisation's Talent Pool. If you have signed up via a Talent Pool, your dashboard and vetting procedures may differ -- read more here.

Once signed in, you'll see your dashboard. By default, this is your supply teaching dashboard, but you can switch to your Permanent/Fixed-Term dashboard from the menu:

If you're only after Permanent/Fixed-Term teaching opportunities, we only need to screen your CV and for you to complete your Profile and Education History and Employment History (which are all found via the My Profile tab). Schools will post you invitations to jobs, and will conduct full vetting as they see fit.

If you want to be available for supply work, you will need to follow our full vetting process, details of which are available on your Supply Teaching dashboard. Keep track of progress from the 'Vetting'.

Make yourself available/unavailable for supply work from the 'Availability' tab.

Learn how to manage your availability 

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