Our Talent Pools platform enables MAT and LA Central Teams to easily run a supply pool of temporary workers for their schools. Doing so reduces cost, increases transparency on pay and conditions for workers, and enables better consistency and quality control in comparison to using outsourced recruitment agencies.

Many school groups could realise a 90% saving on their agency fee expenditure, and eliminate finder’s fees altogether.

If you're in an area already covered by our Supply Cover or Recruitment services, kickstart your Talent Pool by advertising that you are building one to our already-live teachers. We'll help you screen and cherry pick the best, and -- hey presto! -- you've got a preferred list of teachers ready to go. As you build your own pool, you'll be able send supply jobs to both your pool of staff and the wider pool vetted by us at the same time, meaning your schools are covered even if no-one from your pool can take the job.

Solutions are bespoke depending on the requirements and objectives of the MAT/LA, and range from basic booking software through to an end-to-end Managed Service. See the Service Options article for more details.

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