Talent Pools and Supply Pools
Our Talent Pools platform helps MATs, LAs and other organisations to run staffing services for school groups, including local Supply Pools
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Our Talent Pools platform enables MAT and LA Central Teams to easily run staffing services for their schools, for example a local Supply Pool for temporary staffing. Doing so reduces cost, increases transparency on pay and conditions for workers, and enables better consistency and quality control.

When you join a MAT or LA Supply Pool as a candidate you’ll be guided through the process required to be approved for work in that Pool. Once you are approved for work by the Pool provider (in most cases this is a local MAT, LA or other supply service provider) you’ll start receiving work offers directly from local schools which are using that Pool. They’ll save money and you’ll be able to earn more than in comparison to other ways of working on a temporary basis in schools.

Please note that Teacher Booker also operates our own Pool in Greater London. You can register for this as a candidate here if you are looking to work via Teacher Booker in Greater London. If you are representing a school and are looking to hire staff in Greater London, contact us.

If no Supply Pools currently operate in your region you can register as a candidate into the National Pre-Registration Pool here. We will then contact you once a Pool opens in your area. If you are representing a school and no supply pools yet operate in your area, contact us. If you are representing a MAT, LA or other potential supply services provider, contact us.

Solutions are bespoke depending on the requirements and objectives of the MAT/LA, and range from software-only packages through to an end-to-end Managed Service. Get in touch for more details at schools@teacherbooker.com.

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