By default, teachers working on supply are paid via our in-house payroll.

A timesheet is automatically created for every supply job you are booked for. This will be used to show the days you worked, the rate of pay, and total payment for that job. You do not need to take any action regarding the timesheet -- the school will approve it or raise any discrepancies with us directly.

If your booking stretches over two or more weeks there will be separate timesheets for each week.

If the timesheet needs editing, we'll take care of it. So long as there are no disputes over the timesheet, you will be paid two weeks after every week worked. See the illustration below:

Teachers working through our PAYE system experience several benefits:

  • Our PAYE system works similarly to an agency/umbrella company arrangement, but with one key difference: there are no umbrella, 'admin' or other hidden fees.

  • All assignments are advertised to teachers with Employer's NIC already deducted -- meaning what teachers see is their actual gross pay. Teachers never pay both Employer's and Employee's NIC. 

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