By default, teachers engaged via our Supply Cover service are paid via our in-house PAYE system.

If, as a school, you would like to pay supply teachers via a different arrangement, please let your account manager know.

If you are engaging teachers other than via our Supply Cover service (for example via a Talent Pool or for a Fixed Term position) and would like those teachers to be paid via our PAYE system, please contact your account manager.


Teacher Booker PAYE

Our PAYE system works similarly to an agency/umbrella company arrangement, but with one key difference: there are no umbrella, 'admin' or other hidden fees. 

Schools see the breakdown of exactly what they'll pay and what the teacher will get before posting a job, and teachers see exactly what they'll receive before accepting a job.

All assignments are advertised to teachers with Employer's NIC already deducted -- meaning what teachers see is their actual gross pay. Teachers never pay both Employer's and Employee's NIC.

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