If you've got a job on a particular day via Teacher Booker, you're automatically made unavailable for other jobs on that day. However, if you're not able to work through Teacher Booker at any other time or you don't want to receive notifications of new jobs, you can easily manage your availability. When you're marked as unavailable, you won't be invited to any jobs.

Simply log in and click 'Availability' in the left hand menu.

You'll see a calendar. Mark the individual days you are not available, click and drag for multiple days of unavailability or pause your availability without setting dates by clicking the red button at the top of the screen.

Note that marking yourself as unavailable on any given day will mean that you will not appear in search results, and therefore cannot be invited, to any job that includes the day you are unavailable. For example, if you are marked as unavailable on the 3rd of May but otherwise as available, you will still not appear in a search for a job covering the 28th April to the 6th of June.

If pausing your availability, you'll be asked to give a reason as to why you're not available. This helps us monitor availability across the platform and improve our service to you.

Please note a school can choose to send out a job with the dates to be determined. If this is the case and you fit the criteria you will be invited to the job even if you've marked yourself as unavailable. This is to ensure teachers get invited to jobs that otherwise may not have fit into their availability and the dates can be discussed at a later date.

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