Sometimes we're asked how Teacher Booker can help schools realise such big savings on supply and recruitment.

The answer is simple. The app does a lot of the work that agency consultants have to do manually – and it does it instantly. This means that sourcing supply is far quicker, easier and more impartial than via an agency. Schools have full visibility over who they're hiring, ensuring matches are highly relevant and candidates meet the requirements of your job.

What's more, if you're hiring long term, you can send your job directly to available, approved candidates rather than posting 'blind' on a jobs board and hoping it'll be seen by an appropriate applicant.

But all this doesn't mean you're on your own. We want you to make the most of Teacher Booker, and we're always on-hand to support you if you need help at any stage.

Finally, we've made our fees as straightforward as possible so you can get back to the important stuff without worrying about costs. 

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