We don't set the rate for a supply job – schools decide how much to offer. Set the rate you want to offer and staff who find that rate (and your other job requirements) agreeable can choose to respond.

The reason we don't fix a rate is that there are big disparities in terms of location, and the experience and skills required by the role – and we don't think that one fixed rate of pay reflects this. 

Schools are best placed to determine the rate to offer because you know best what you're looking for and you know your school's policies on pay. 

If you need guidance on what to offer, see our article 'How much should I pay a teacher for supply?'.

The full amount you define for Teacher Pay will be passed on to the teacher as their Gross Pay. We'll make the necessary deductions including tax and Employee's NI.

For longer term and permanent roles, you are able to post the job with one of several pay offers – with a daily rate, as 'MPS/UPS', as 'Negotiable', as a fixed sum or as a range. Again, this is entirely up to you.

When setting a day rate for supply, you'll see both the gross pay that the teacher will receive and the total rate that you'll pay (including Employer's NI and other statutory Employment costs like pension contributions, which are added on top). You will be invoiced for the total rate including these Employment costs:

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