Your CV should give us a clear picture of your suitability for work as a teacher or TA. It should be clearly written without any errors in grammar or spelling and be concise, focusing on information relevant to teaching. 

There are 4 main sections of a CV, these are outlined below (bold). Keep it under 2 pages. Ideally, try to condense your CV to one page (although not always possible) whilst retaining a clear picture of your suitability for work as a teacher/TA.   

Important - check for gaps. Examine your dates (Employment and Qualifications) and make sure they dovetail, in particular no gaps of 3 months or over. Gaps of 3 months or longer will be noticed and will require an acceptable explanation and likely a local police check that covers that period.


Personal details

Start with CV(header), name, address, email, number.


Graham Chyrallis

32 London High Road
06765 261522

Personal Statement

Write a 3-5 sentences about you: experience in which industry/department.  The idea is to get a general sense of who you are.  Details will be found in qualifications and experience.  If you are currently working, include your job title and quick description of recent duties / responsibilities.  You won’t do yourself any favours if this takes up too much space.

Science Teacher with 6 years experience at A Level and GCSE level.   I enjoy working within a team and am eager to get stuck in and add value wherever I can. Recent responsibilities include planning school trips for the year ahead for Science department, arranging key speakers to visit and supercharge levels of interest and learning outcomes.  

Experience (list by most recent)

A complete work history of the past 10 years should be provided. Include: position held, full name and address of employer (town and postcode, Country if not UK), date to and from - dd/mm/yyyy. Then write a concise list of main duties, responsibilities and achievements.

Teacher of Science, St Bothams Academy, Kent, K1 4TV 04/9/2013 to 30/8/2019

Planning, teaching and assessment for KS 4 and 5 Science Department. Organised and delivered exam booster sessions after school and during term breaks. Researched and arranged all department trips, followed up with feedback and assessments. Key speakers across industry invited to give talks and Q&As.

Qualifications (list by most recent)

State the level or type of Qualification, full name of the qualification, the awarding body/institution, address of institution (town and postcode, country if not UK), Grade achieved, date to and from dd/mm/yyyy.

PGCE in Secondary Science, QTS achieved      25/09/2008-21/06/2009
Kent University, Kent, K1 TUV

BSc Science in Education, 2:1        09/09/2007-30/08/2008
Kent University, Kent, K1 TUV

Finally, decide if you want to include your referee’s contact details, otherwise write ‘Reference available upon request’.

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