When you accept a job, the expectation is that you will attend. 

In highly exceptional circumstances, you will be permitted to terminate your agreement to work with a school before you have started the job. Such exceptional circumstances would include severe illness, family bereavement or similar. 

In such a circumstance, you should contact the school as soon as possible using the phone number provided as part of the job description. This will allow them to cancel re-post the job on Teacher Booker or make alternative provision. You should also e-mail Teacher Booker at support@teacherbooker.com as soon as possible to provide details of the circumstances. This will be followed up by our team who will contact you by phone/e-mail. 

Please be aware that we treat failure to attend booked jobs with the utmost seriousness. Failure to do so without notifying the school will result in immediate suspension of your Teacher Booker account. Similarly, serial failure to attend jobs, whether you have notified the school or not, will result in account suspension.

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