**Please note this series of teacher registration guides is for candidates registering with Teacher Booker directly. If you have signed up via a MAT, LA or other organisation's Supply or Talent Pool, different criteria may apply that are specific to that Pool -- read more here**

If you are attending an in-person interview it is absolutely crucial that you bring all the specified documents in with you. It is worth bringing in extra documents (for example, bring both your Driving Licence and Passport) just in case there are any issues with your preferred ones. If you are interviewing over video it is crucial that your documents are submitted before interview or within 24 hours of completing it. 

Please be aware that the interview will be a stringent assessment of your previous experience, views on best practice, and thorough knowledge of safeguarding procedures. It is much more vigorous than typical interviews for recruitment agencies and you should arrive prepared to demonstrate a high degree of competence as a practitioner. 

Possible questions about best practice may be, for example, about optimal methods for learning and instruction, behaviour management, ability to build relationships with students and cite examples of impact.

Questions on safeguarding are detailed, even if you are interviewing for a role as a cover supervisor or teaching assistant. While much of the material will be familiar to seasoned practitioners, it may be worth refreshing your memory using the government's KCSiE guidance document. 

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