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I've been invited to a Talent Pool - what happens now?
I've been invited to a Talent Pool - what happens now?

Congratulations on being invited -- here's what to do next (for teachers)

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Joining a Talent Pool means that schools who use the Pool can send you cover, long term and permanent jobs directly.

If you've received an invitation to join a Talent Pool, simply follow the link and enter your details as requested. You'll be taken through a short setup wizard to get some basic information into your profile.

Follow all the instructions, and once you're fully logged in, please complete your profile. Be especially sure to include your:

  • Subject and year group preferences

  • Address

  • Profile picture

  • Personal summary

This will enable schools who use the Talent Pool to send you relevant jobs.

Onboarding processes vary between Talent Pools. Instructions are given that are unique to each Talent Pool -- but if you are in doubt or need support, email and we'll be happy to help.

The administrator of your Talent Pool will review your profile and manage the vetting process before approving you for work. Your profile will then be visible to all schools using that Talent Pool.

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