**Please note this series of teacher registration guides is for candidates registering with Teacher Booker directly. If you have signed up via a MAT, LA or other organisation's Supply or Talent Pool, different criteria may apply that are specific to that Pool -- read more here**

You are required to provide contact details for two referees as part of your registration. These must include one from an education or childcare sector employment and one from the most recent employer, where possible.

If you are applying as a teacher, we will require at least one reference that covers classroom teaching, except in a small number of very specific cases, for example when a candidate has not worked in education for a period of more than 5 years.

If you are applying as a teacher but the bulk of your recent work has been through a recruitment agency, you may request them to provide a statement of work for you. If they agree, please provide the contact details of your recruitment consultant. This will be used to acquire a statement of work, equivalent to a reference for our purposes. 

If you are applying for a teaching position but you are not currently working in education, we will require you to supply details for two institutional referees who provide full written references -- a statement of work, character reference or open testimonial will not be sufficient.

NQTs may provide references from their teaching placements and/or university course leader.

References must, where at all possible, be given by a person in a position of authority and must be sent from an email address associated with an institution. The referee’s position will be verified by Teacher Booker.

Candidates are informed that all referees they provide must have an institutional e-mail address (e.g. of the form @camdenschools.sch.uk) as opposed to a personal e-mail address (e.g. of the form @gmail.com) in order to be contacted.

In some circumstances, we will accept references that have already been written and issued on paper. In such circumstances, we will always follow up with the stated referee to guarantee the authenticity of the reference. 

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