We carry out rigorous vetting following KCSiE guidance and we ensure all supply teachers have undergone a recent Enhanced DBS with Children's Barred List check. Every teacher is interviewed to ensure only the highest calibre of teachers are on our platform.

List of checks/documentation required

  • CV

  • Enhanced DBS with Children's Barred List check (must be on Update Service or issued within 18 months)

  • Interview

  • Photo ID

  • Qualification status

  • TRN & Prohibition from teaching check

  • Right to Work document

  • Proof of Address document

  • 2 references

Validity dates of documents are constantly monitored, and staff with expired documents are notified that a replacement document is required.

Accessing Vetting

Next you need to find out those crucial safeguarding and personal details -- here's how to do it.

Click on the job and you'll see this screen:

From here you can download the candidate's CV and view their profile, which displays the information you need for your SCR including confirmation of identity, DBS and qualifications checks amongst other key details.

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