There are two different types of School User, with different permissions:

  • Account Owner

  • School User

Account Owner:

  • This is the highest permission level 

  • Only an Account Owner can add, edit and remove new account owners and school users, and invite teachers to a Talent Pool

  • For individual schools, the person who originally signed up is by default an Account Owner. Other Account Owners can also be added later.

School User:

  • This is one permission level down from the Account Owner

  • School Users are unable to add, edit or remove other School Users

  • They can carry out all other tasks in the system eg. booking teachers, reviewing applications and approving timesheets

How to add a new user (Account Owners only):

  • From the dashboard, select Users

  • On the users screen, select Invite Users

  • Fill in their Basic Details

  • In Permissions select the school(s) this user can manage by ticking the box next to the school's name. As an Account Account Owner, if you manage multiple schools you can select which school(s) this User has permission to manage. You must select at least one school. 

  • Finally, select Invite User 

An email will be sent to the new User, at which point they can set themselves a password to use the system.

New School User?

  • Simply open the email and click the link

  • This will open a new webpage and prompt you to create a new password

  • It will then send you an email to verify your email address

  • Once that's done you are free to log in and start booking teachers.

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