When you register for supply opportunities, we'll start our vetting process. At each stage, you'll receive an email telling you what is required to proceed. This article gives an overview of the 'Vetting' section of your account, where you can keep track of the status of your documents.

Stage 1:
You are requested to upload your CV and a scan/photo of your DBS certificate, after which point you will be invited for an interview. Check progress on your dashboard. You'll see status updates for each document as they are screened by our staff.

Possible document statuses:

  • Awaiting docs

  • Received and in review

  • Received and accepted

  • Rejected

If rejected a reason will be given. Please fix the problem and resend the document. For example, an uploaded document may be rejected because is blurry, past its validity, or does not meet our criteria. Contact details for referees may also be rejected if they are, for example, personal email addresses such as Gmail or Hotmail.


Stage 2:
If you are attending an in-person interview at our office, it is imperative to bring all of your documents with you.

If you are having a video interview, all scanned documents must be uploaded before the interview. Please upload them from your Vetting Dashboard.

Please read all the guidelines carefully before uploading your documentation. A rejected document will result in a delay of your application. 

Candidates are sent reminder emails to upload missing documentation when their vetting is incomplete.

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