A timesheet is created for every job that a teacher completes. It shows: 

  • The days they worked

  • The daily charge rate

  • Total payment due for that job

If the job is stretched over two or more weeks there are separate timesheets for each week. Each timesheet is viewable by going to your school dashboard, clicking on the job in question and clicking 'View' on the relevant timesheet.

At the end of each job (or each a Friday for a long term job), the teacher will request approval of their timesheet. Once it's submitted for approval, you'll see that the job has a red 'Approve Timesheet' label. Click on the job, select the relevant timesheet and review it.

Simply review and if it's all ok click 'Approve Timesheet'. That's it! This tells us to invoice the school on behalf of the teacher.

If you need to dispute or edit a timesheet submitted by a teacher, please get in touch with your account manager or at schools@teacherbooker.com

We invoice schools for the previous week each Monday afternoon. Please make sure timesheets have been approved by 4pm, where possible.

Completed timesheets are always visible in each job's history.

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